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Grant of stage carriage permit. Application for contract carriage permit. Grant of contract carriage permit. Scheme for renting of motor cabs. Application for private service vehicle permit. Application for goods carriage permit.

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Consideration of application for goods carriage permit. Grant of goods carriage permit. Transfer of permit. Replacement of vehicles. General conditions attaching to all permits.

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General form of permits. Cancellation and suspension of permits. Temporary permits. Validation of permits for use outside region in which granted. Restriction of hours of work of drivers. Voidance of contracts restrictive of liability. Agent or canvasser to obtain licence. Bar on jurisdiction of Civil Courts. Power of State Government to make rules as to stage carriages and contract carriages.

Power of State Government to make rules for the purposes of this Chapter. Chapter to override Chapter V and other laws. Preparation and publication of proposal regarding road transport service of a State transport undertaking. Objection to the proposal. Operation of additional services by a State transport undertaking in certain circumstances.

Cancellation or modification of scheme.

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Issue of permits to State transport undertakings. Restriction on grant of permits in respect of a notified area or notified route. Principles and method of determining compensation and payment thereof. Disposal of article found in vehicles. Certain powers of State Government exercisable by the Central Government.

General provision regarding construction and maintenance of vehicles. Limits of speed. Limits of weight and limitations on use. Power to have vehicle weighed. Power to restrict the use of vehicles. Power to erect traffic signs.

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Parking places and halting stations. Driving regulations. Duty to obey traffic signs. Vehicles with left hand control. Signals and signalling devices. Leaving vehicle in dangerous position. Riding on running board, etc. Prohibition against travelling without pass or ticket. Obstruction of driver. Stationary vehicles. Removal of motor vehicles abandoned or left unattended on a public place. Safety measures for drivers and pillion riders. Wearing of protective headgear.

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Duty to produce licence and certificate of registration. Duty of the driver to take certain precautions at unguarded railway level crossings. Duty of owner of motor vehicle to give information. Duty of driver in case of accident and injury to a person. Schemes to be framed for the investigation of accident cases and wayside amenities, etc.

Inspection of vehicle involved in accident. Liability to pay compensation in certain cases on the principle of no fault. Provisions as to other right to claim compensation for death or permanent disablement. Permanent disablement. Applicability of Chapter to certain claims under Act 8 of Overriding effect.

Validity of policies of insurance issued in reciprocating countries. Duty of insurers to satisfy judgments and awards against persons insured in respect of third party risks. Rights of third parties against insurers on insolvency of the insured.

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Duty to give information as to insurance. Settlement between insurers and insured persons. Saving in respect of sections , and Insolvency of insured persons not to affect liability of insured or claims by third parties. Effect of death on certain causes of action. Effect of certificate of insurance. Transfer of certificate of insurance. Production of certain certificates, licence and permit in certain cases. Production of certificate of Insurance on application for authority to use vehicle. Duty to furnish particulars of vehicle involved in accident. Special provisions as to compensation in case of hit and run motor accident. Refund in certain cases of compensation paid under section Scheme for payment of compensation in case of hit and run motor accidents.

Special provisions as to payment of compensation on structured formula basis. Claims Tribunals. Application for compensation. Option regarding claims for compensation in certain cases. Award of the Claims Tribunal. Procedure and powers of Claims Tribunals. Impleading insurer in certain cases. Award of interest where any claim is allowed. Award of compensatory costs in certain cases.

Recovery of money from insurer as arrear of land revenue. General provision for punishment of offences. Penalty for travelling without pass or ticket and for dereliction of duty on the part of conductor and refusal to ply contract carriage, etc.

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  7. Disobedience of orders, obstruction and refusal of information. Allowing unauthorised persons to drive vehicles. Driving vehicles in contravention of section 3 or section 4. Offences relating to licences.

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    Punishment for offences relating to construction and maintenance of vehicles. Driving at excessive speed, etc. Driving dangerously. Driving by a drunken person or by a person under the influence of drugs. Driving when mentally or physically unfit to drive. Punishment for offences relating to accident. Punishment for abetment of certain offences.