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Michigan DUI and DWI attorney Jeffrey Randa has over 22 years of My team and I handle Michigan OWI charges in Oakland, Macomb and Wayne Counties. We don't try to drag someone in for a “free consultation" before talking money. . or call us at or to schedule your free consultation .

Has anyone been able to find housing assistance from this site? I see comments, but no replies.

I need assistance for my nephew. Please let me know if there are any housing options. We have been unable to find a place for him to live. We have tried getting our own house approved and we are not able to keep him here because we live too close to schools. My name is Pam and I am looking for housing for my son who is classified as a sex offender. He is to be released sometime around the 8th of September. If anyone knows of any resources please email me at this address. My apologies to all the subscribers that have posted comments and I havent monitored them and posted them till now.

I have been very overwhelmed with spammers and i had to sort through them all. I do care and respect everyones request, you have and will not go unnoticed. If you have any suggestions as to what I can do to better assist you, please feel free to post it here I will do everything in my power to accommodate. Can you assist with info on housing for sex offenders that are being released? My nephew can be released, but needs an approved place to go. I can pay rent. I say we all get together buy lined out in the country and make a community!!!!!

Anyone interested? Our love ones need housing. We can buy land put tiny houses on it. Name: charles dubberly Phone: Email: glassgal yahoo. Name: cayle Phone: Email: cayle. Either address and or phone number would greatly be appreciated. A list of resources for that county as well. I would like to know where I can get information on housing and doing an interstate compact from Georgia. I am searching for my son who is up for parole. I cannot get housing for him here.

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I see the date O am looking for housing for my son who is a registered sex offender. I assume you found housing so can you tell me where in Richmond or Columbia County to look for housing? Thank you do much. Donnaree Weeks — — Name: Shell Phone: Email: perkknsgrieshield gmail. Halway housing is fine thank you. I am a Social Worker in search of housing in Savannah Georgia. If anyone can help with any resources it would be greatly appreciated.

I have exhausted all my resources. I wonder if the people who have commented here has found help. If so, let me know!! My brother has been in prison and was suppose to get out on parole in April , but they are making him stay because he has no where to go. The state THOR list is a big joke. Why are they even on the list???

Charged with a Sex Crime?

Most places I call to ask if they take sex offenders, some are on the THOR list, but not all they give excuses, never call back, etc. They are contradicting the laws!!! Did you find help?

Fighting Georgia Sex Offender Laws

But no luck. I feel like doors being shut in my face, so I can only imagine what a sex offender feels like. I know that it is a crime, but you have to look at the circumstance and not just the offense. Only have two weeks. Please help Need housing for my brother and I. I work healthcare 15 years I can pay rent. And assistance for him to find a job.

Sex offenders sue over 'no trick-or-treat' signs placed in their yards

Please help. When I rent must i tell landlord? My son is. His crime was when he was !!! What is wrong with this system???? All that are charged with a crime are not a threat!!! I have a brother that is considering moving to Atlanta, Ga from Detroit, Mi. He is a sex offender the crime was committed he is 60 now. I need to know where can he get some assistance for a job and a place to live.

My name is Crystal Turner my phone number is He is not on probation or parole. It would really help me make decision if someone were willing to share the expense like pay rent for their family member who could be a roommate. Please email me and we can discuss this to see if it would work out for a few of us. Hello K. Lets put our heads together.

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Did you find a place for your love one. Please email me if they need help with rent. Did you find any leads? My email address sweetses69 yahoo. Hello, I am reading your comments from last year.

Have you bought a house for your nephew and is he sharing with others? I need space for a son of a friend who has been marked as a sex offender.

Trenton City PD warns citizens, saying sex offender operated short-term vacation rentals

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Find sex offenders in Florida

Seven local athletes semifinalists for Tennessee Mr. Football November 7, Home Crime Loophole in Georgia sex offender law making it easier for some offenders Crime Dade County Local News. Share on Facebook. You Might Also Like. Sex offender who lured teen away from home sentenced to life. An offender who has committed a 2nd or subsequent offense of sexual battery is required to register as a sexual predator only for the offenses listed in FLA.

Florida Sex Offenders

False imprisonment where the victim is a minor and the defendant is not the victim's parent - FLA.