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The use of complete background checks can help eliminate future legal action or liability for your company or when dealing with employees or tenants. Once customers are signed up, they can utilize QuickApp , an easy to use online ordering and report retrieval system. Customers can provide the information on applicants and AAA Credit Screening Services will follow up with the applicants to retrieve the necessary information to run reports.

Friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives in the United States are on standby to answer your questions 6 days a week.

Individual Landlord Services

Customer Service. Business reports are essential for Business 2 Business agreements and can include business credit checks, incorporation information, information on business principals, bankruptcy records, etc. Blevins and the Pacific Legal Foundation are currently suing Seattle, Washington, over similar rental regulations that bar landlords from considering tenants' criminal history.

Proponents of such regulations have argued that a criminal record is a poor predictor of tenant behavior, and that credit scores don't accurately reflect people's history of paying rent. Using these metrics to screen tenants, they say, makes finding housing even harder for folks who are already struggling.

Given that landlords are the ones assuming the risk of renting to a tenant, however, it seems reasonable to leave it to them to decide how to screen their tenants. Blevins argues that it's up to the government to tackle any disproportionate impact from landlords' use of sensible screening methods, possibly by making it easier to expunge one's criminal history, or by creating a certification program for rehabilitated ex-offenders.

Minneapolis' new tenant screening regulations go into effect in June for landlords who own 15 or more units.

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Those with fewer units have until December to comply with the new law. Ciaramella Christian Britschgi Zuri Davis Scott Shackford Property Rights. A state law allows counties to effectively steal homes over unpaid taxes and keep the excess revenue for their own budgets.

Eric Boehm Missing information could be a red flag that the tenant may be trying to hide something. Some state laws allow the landlord to charge a prospective tenant for the cost of ordering a credit or background check.

Tenant Background Checks – Rental Screening Services – E-renter

Other states require that landlords cover the cost. You can order a credit report and credit score using the Equifax Identity Report.

When a Handshake Isn't Enough

Several companies offer investigative services for a fee, and will provide you with an eviction history, criminal history, credit history, and various public records. To get a real sense of the tenant, however, you need to dig a little deeper. You definitely want to verify that the tenant has a steady, reliable income source before you allow the tenant to sign a lease.

Keep in mind that not all employers will give out salary history details or other private information.

How to Screen Potential Tenants – Questions, Credit & Background Check

But, the employer can tell you whether or not the tenant is a current employee. If all of the background information checks out, you may want to consider doing a quick phone interview with the tenant.

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Most of the time, when you show a rental to a new tenant, you focus more on the property than on the potential tenant. By giving prospective tenants a quick call, you can find out more about them as well as their lifestyle.

How do I rent an apartment with a criminal record?

Do keep in mind that the Fair Housing Act stipulates that landlords cannot discriminate based upon color, disability, family status, national origin, race, religion, or sex. Do you have any tricks for finding the best tenants? All Rights Reserved. Money Crashers. About Money Crashers. Recent Stories.

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