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Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Start with Google. Type in all of the information that you have about an individual into the search bar, and then hit enter. Use the Facebook Friends Search function.

Search for photos on Instagram. You can only search for photos on Instagram if you have a personal account. Method 2 of Open Google Images. Personal information: The biography is to be about the memorialized person with preference to an original biography. If a cause of death is included, it is to be short and to the point, and as shown on the death certificate. The bio must not look like a case file. Graphic bios are not acceptable. Links to other websites or email addresses are not allowed within any memorial. These standards will be added to and updated from time to time.

Find A Grave reserves the right to edit any biography submitted to the site to conform to these and any future posted standards. What information do I include from a headstone? Include all of the information on the headstone in the appropriate fields of the memorial form. It is not sufficient to create a memorial with only a name and a headstone photo.

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Of course, if the headstone only has a name, then you cannot add information you do not have. However, if the information is on the headstone, enter the information into the form. If a headstone is not readable at all and you have plot information and a photo for the marker, add the memorial as First Name: Unknown, Last Name: Unknown. Do not use other terms unless they identify the person for example but not limited to: Child, Twin, Infant, Adult, Male, Female.

What information do I include in the inscription field? What is a cenotaph? How do I have a memorial designated as a cenotaph? A cenotaph is a marker within a cemetery placed in honor of a person whose remains are buried elsewhere. It may also be the original marker for someone who has since been reinterred elsewhere. To add a cenotaph, create a memorial.

Then email edit findagrave. Only add relationship links to the actual burial memorial when both a cenotaph and actual burial exist. Why can't I find the person I'm looking for? It is possible your search is too narrow. Broaden your search by removing things like a middle name or burial location. If you still can not find them, it is possible the person is not yet memorialized on Find A Grave. Find A Grave is a work in progress and documenting all burials worldwide is a massive undertaking for the membership.

Are memorial plaques or bricks allowed? No, they are neither an accepted burial disposition nor a cenotaph. Are roadside accident memorials allowed? Are state and local service monuments allowed? Can I add a memorial for my pet? If the pet is buried in a cemetery, the memorial can be added to that cemetery. Can I add a memorial for someone who is buried in a cemetery outside of the United States?

If the cemetery is not currently listed, follow the instructions on how to add a cemetery not currently listed. Can I add a memorial from a newspaper obituary or other 3rd party source? Find A Grave does not discourage the legitimate indexing of the deceased through obituaries or other 3rd party accounts. Newspapers represent a very good source of information as a public record. We ask that those who index and memorialize the deceased from newspapers and other 3rd party accounts do so with full respect of copyright, refrain from adding information about living people, and respond generously to the family of the deceased.

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Find A Grave takes no position on the appropriate timing of submitting such indexes. How do I add the GPS location of a grave? Pin the location on the map or add GPS coordinates in decimal degrees. Can you add more titles to the prefixes? No more titles will be added to the available prefixes.

Editing Memorials Do I have to make corrections or additions to the memorials I manage? Find A Grave memorials are works in progress. As a memorial manager, there is always the potential for a member to send you a correction or additional information.

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If you neglect to update memorials when valid corrections are sent to you, Find A Grave may determine that you are inactive. If that happens, Find A Grave will make corrections on your behalf or transfer management of the memorial to an active family member. How do I add a memorial to be featured in Honoring? To add a memorial to Honoring, the memorial must have a portrait photo of the person, an original biography not a newspaper or online obituary and verifiable interment location information.

Email the link of the memorial page to Photo Findagrave. How do I correct a wrong or incomplete editing request I submitted? Click on Contribute along the top of the page. Select Suggested Edits. How do I delete a memorial that I manage? How do I process memorial edits I have received? Select either the Edit Icon on the home page or Suggested Edits on the contribute page. From here, you can review the pending edits submitted to you by other members.

Suggested edits will remain available for your review for 21 days. Accept the edit and the memorial will update to show what is in the 'Suggested Edit' column. Decline the edit and the memorial will not update to show what is in the 'Suggested Edit' column.

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You must select the reason for declining the Suggested Edit and may leave optional short note. How do I update a memorial that I manage? You can update information for any memorial you manage by clicking 'Edit' on the memorial in question.

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How do I update Family Members on a memorial I do not manage? You can suggest Father, Mother, and Spouse s. Once the suggestions are saved, the memorial manager will then review the suggestions for approval. When adding a Spouse s , reciprocal links are automatically added to the Spouse s memorials once the suggested edit is approved.

How do I update or correct an error in memorial data on a memorial I do not manage? You can submit updates or corrections of factual information for any memorial by clicking 'Suggest Edits' on the memorial in question. Submitting a large numbers of edits at one time to a single manager may be overwhelming. Please be considerate. If you have waited longer than 30 days for an emailed suggestion to be processed and there has not been a response, forward your copy of the suggestion along with source documentation to edit findagrave.

The suggestion will be reviewed and processed. What if I suggest a factual edit and it is declined? If the edit is declined and you are certain the edit is correct, use the Suggest Other Corrections option to send source documentation backing up your requested edit.