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Michigan DUI and DWI attorney Jeffrey Randa has over 22 years of My team and I handle Michigan OWI charges in Oakland, Macomb and Wayne Counties. We don't try to drag someone in for a “free consultation" before talking money. . or call us at or to schedule your free consultation .

Even if you have no intention to drive while in the country, Canada will still prohibit you from crossing the border if you have any criminal history on your record including misdeamenour DUI. If this interests you, here is a guide on how to determine Criminal Rehab eligibility and wait times. If you have ever been refused entry into Canada, attempting to return can be especially nerve-racking.

If you have a DUI and want to improve your chances of successful admission into Canada , the help of a skilled Canadian immigration lawyer is recommended. The application process to gain entry into to Canada with a DUI can be tremendously complex, length and confusing, and the knowledge and expertise of an experienced attorney can really make things easier. By far the most difficult aspect of applying for a Temporary Resident Permit is handling all the appropriate documents needed to best convince immigration officials that you are rehabilitated.

Not only does the TRP application form require a massive volume of paperwork, there are also suggested but not required documents that can bolster your application significantly. The sheer amount of TRP documents makes it difficult for even extremely organized and analytical people to complete accurately.

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If you have any time of a driving while intoxicated conviction, you will not be permitted entry into Canada. It does not matter if the arresting Police officer was since fired, if the DWI was for driving while stoned, or if the offense was for being sedated by prescription medication; a DWI is a crime and Canada requires that you get permission before being allowed to enter their country.

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It is not fun to be denied entry to Canada and can somewhat complicate future trips across the border, so always plan ahead to ensure you are eligible to fly to Canada with a DUI. If your TRP does not actually say on it that you can leave Canada without invalidating the permit, attempting to re-enter the country after leaving may be a problem. Re-entry into Canada with a permit that is not good for multiple entries may not be possible, so before you leave Canada always make sure that re-entering will be possible.

Any criminal conviction related to driving under the influence of alcohol will exclude a person from entry into Canada, including "DUI under 21" violations and aggravated DUI which is sometimes given to drivers with a Blood Alcohol Content BAC of. If a person is denied entry to Canada they are given a written refusal notice that often cites section 41 a of the Immigration and Refugee Protecton Act. In addition to medical inadmissibility and criminal inadmissibility, non-compliance with Canadian immigration laws can lead to an individual not being allowed into Canada without special permission.

If you overstay the allowed amount of time during a previous trip, authorities might not let you back into the country. Overstays are considered very serious by immigration officials, and you can even be deported or forcibly removed from the country for staying too long. Many Americans search the Internet for questions such as can i go to Canada if i have a drunk driving charge , and the answer is almost always yes provided you merit the issuance of a TRP.

An experienced legal professional that specializes in DUI entry Canada can help you apply for a TRP that will maximize your chances of being allowed to cross the border. Different states have different terminology for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or for being drunk while operating a motor vehicle; but the Canadian equilvalent to all of them is still a Canadian DUI charge which will render the individual inadmissible to Canada due to criminality.

Reckless driving charges can also have a number of different names including wet reckless and dry reckless, and the exact language of the statute can determine whether or not the person is eligible to visit Canada or not. Since no immigration laws related to criminal admissibility have changed lately, Canada DUI entry will remain the same as the prior year at least initially.

In , CBSA agents were given increased access to criminal databases making it easier for them to identify foreign criminals crossing the border. Previously, it was fairly common for citizens of the United States to get into Canada with a drunk driving charge.

As of , however, the chance of an American being denied entry because of a criminal record is far greater than in years past. When a visitor's passport is scanned at the border, the likelihood of a criminal record being detected is significantly higher now, so it's important to consider applying for a Canada Temporary Resident Permit or Criminal Rehabilitation if you're inadmissible due to criminality.

Even though a DWI is not as serious a criminal offense as murder or armed robbery, it can still cause major problems at the Canadian border.

Attempting to cross the border while criminally inadmissible to Canada is not a good idea unless you have obtained special entry permission. The new Canadian Express Entry system makes it easier than ever to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker, but foreigners with a criminal record can be ineligible to participate if they are considered criminally inadmissible to the country. Not only do people with a drunk driving arrest or conviction risk being denied at the Canadian border, they risk having their Canada immigration application rejected.

In order to be recognized domestically as a distinct foreign national with a legitimate reason to pursue a Temporary Resident Permit, you must establish with CBSA agents that your reason for entry is justifiable. Removal orders only apply to foreigners living in the country illegally, which rarely applies to Americans with a DUI who simply wish to visit Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, or another major northern city. Felons can have a particularly difficult time crossing the border into Canada since people with a felony on their criminal record are never deemed rehabilitated by time.

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Can you go to Canada if you have a criminal record? It's a common question, especially amongst residents of USA who have a misdemeanor impaired driving arrest or conviction in their recent past. Please reference the Terms of Use and the Supplemental Terms for specific information related to your state.

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Wet Reckless. Search Term. Read about the consequences of a first-offense DUI in Washington. For a first DUI, the administrative penalties include: Per se marijuana and per se alcohol. Motorists who are caught driving with a BAC of.

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Chemical-test refusals. Motorists who refuse chemical testing generally face a one-year administrative license suspension. Motorists who are convicted of a per se marijuana, per se alcohol with a BAC under. Chemical-test refusals and BACs of. Ask the Court for a Hearing. If the court has no relicensing program, you can ask for a hearing to address a traffic ticket that is suspending your license.

Not all courts will grant such a hearing, especially if you have already had a hearing on that ticket. Some courts may have you make the request in writing. If so, ask the court clerk for instructions. You may be able to use the blank Motion and Declaration form at the end of this publication. If you get a hearing, ask the clerk what to bring to and what kinds of results you can expect from such a hearing. Bring Proof of Financial Circumstances.

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  5. Read about the consequences of a first-offense DUI in Washington..
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  7. If your underlying ticket was for driving without a valid license, insurance, or current tabs, you should bring proof that you now have or at the time you got the ticket had a valid license, insurance, or tabs. Describe why you got the ticket. Examples : speeding, failing to stop at a light, and so on. Why You Are Responding now to the ticket.

    This is usually related to your need for a driver license. Examples : you need to reinstate your driver license to travel to work or school, or to take your children or other relatives to appointments. Changes in Your Life that put you in a better position now to take care of the ticket. Examples : You have a new job or other income to make payments, you have stable housing, or if substance abuse was a factor you have completed rehabilitation.

    Request to Pull Fine from Collections only if your ticket is in collections. You should also explain why you cannot work with the collection agency. Examples : the collection agency requires a down payment you cannot afford.

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    OR you cannot afford to pay your fines, but you can do community service. Propose a Way of Resolving the Fine. Examples : you can offer to pay a lower fine amount that you can afford to pay in full, a monthly payment you can afford, or a certain number of monthly community service hours that you can realistically complete. Attach Proof that is related, such as proof of your financial situation, proof of employment, proof you are in school, proof of rehabilitation, letter from a case manager or counselor, and so on. Do not argue about whether you should have gotten the ticket in the first place.

    Focus on your aim to pay off the fine through a payment plan or to work it off through community service. A couple of weeks after mailing your letter, call the court clerk. Make sure they got it and given it to the judge. If not, insist that they do so. The tickets listed in this section, below cannot be grounds to suspend your driver license.

    DUI Laws in Washington State: What You Need to Know

    BUT if you do not pay them, they can still be sent to collection agencies and lower your credit rating. Do not ignore these. If you have tickets falling into the categories below that are suspending your driver license, ask the Department of Licensing to lift those suspensions. Traffic tickets issued on or after June 1, can only be used to suspend your driver license if you got them for a moving traffic violation such as speeding.