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And, like all of our finalists, AHS has a few online benefits that make owning a home warranty much simpler. Customers can submit and track claims on the site, as well as pay their bills. No snail mail. No phone trees. Just a few clicks. We were pleased to discover that Choice Home Warranty was the recipient of thousands of glowing reviews from reputable sources like Consumer Affairs and TrustPilot.

And, it was through looking at the sample contract we were able to find that Choice had one of the lowest plumbing caps of all the home warranty plans and companies we looked at.

Sears To Honor Warranty Of Kenmore Appliances

If you live in an older house or apartment building, that extra cap space could make a huge difference. We were also impressed with the Combo plan — the most comprehensive option. It includes the most expensive, break-prone systems and appliances, plus other uncommon or inexpensive items like central vacuum systems, doorbells and chimes, garage door openers, and smoke detectors. You can always opt for the cheaper but less thorough appliance and system plans as well.

Kenmore Elite Compressor Warranty Issue

There, we would have liked a little more customization like what we found with AHS. An earlier version of this review praised Sears Home Warranty for its day workmanship guarantee, since most companies only offer 90 days for parts and 30 days for labor. However, we spoke with a company representative over the phone who said that AFC Home Club is actively trying to expand into California and South Carolina. There are no current plans for Hawaii, he added, because of the difficulty of sourcing service providers there.

As of October , Landmark only operates in six states: Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, and Utah, though its website says it plans to expand nationally soon. However, the future of the business is unclear. In August , U.

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In October, Sears had officially filed for bankruptcy. By January , the company cleared the air on this topic by providing new information for Sears Home Warranty customers. However, First American has a day recall period, which is among the shortest of all the providers we reviewed.

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That means some people may miss out on service fee reimbursement for faulty replacement parts or repairs. The other six are a mystery. Finally, we called each company multiple times with questions about coverage and the claims process to see how we'd be treated as policyholders. We passed on companies whose sales reps consistently kept us on hold or ignored our questions and launched right into a sales pitch. If we had to give you only one piece of advice when shopping for a home warranty plan, it would be this: read the contract thoroughly.

Home warranty contracts are often complex by design. Evan W. Walker, Esq. The opening paragraphs of a contract often lay out the items that the provider is responsible for. This can include both systems and appliances. Appliances are self-contained units like a washer, fridge, or microwave, while systems are a bit more intricate or costly — think an HVAC system, hot water heater, or the electrical wiring throughout your home.

The Best Home Warranty Companies

These will vary depending on your contract, but some we ran into repeatedly include items with preexisting defects or improper installation, items under recall, commercial grade equipment, and repairs or replacements requested before your contract starts. Read what happens if the repair does not work, or if the vendor who comes to make the repair cannot get the job done. Coverage is not usually an issue under these contracts, but how repairs get done — and when — vary from company to company.

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  • A little extra attention in these portions of your contract will ensure reliable repairs or replacements later on. The best will have friendly and knowledgeable representatives that provide thorough answers to your questions, no matter how many you have. A home warranty can help cover the repair or replacement costs of common household appliances and systems such as water heaters, electrical systems, air conditioning with ductwork , and refrigerators.

    Sure, you might have a pretty good idea of how long that brand-new dishwasher will last, but what about the oven that came with the house? How old is the range and stove and just how much money will you need out of your home warranty to cover that eventual cost? We recommend starting with our top picks and following our guide to find the best home warranty for your home:. You need to schedule a Sears service call and have them diagnose that the problem is the compressor.

    Make sure you have your owners manual. Thank you for your response. No where in the warranty does it state that labor would not be covered. I have my owner's manual. I will let you know how it goes. This past Thursday, 7 March, my Kenmore refrigerator decided to quit. Same model as original poster. I bought it on 7 March , so it is 7 years old today. I called sears and got the same run-around as above. Same symptoms, everything the same as OP. The Sears rep was clueless and sounded like a unintelligible robot, wonder what country she was in.

    Just kept repeating same thing over and over with no straight answer. Finally, I gave up, hung up, and was ready to buy a new unit , American made this Time. I happened on this page and a light came on!

    Sears Repair Los Angeles | Sears Refrigerator Repair

    The tech showed up on time and quickly diagnosed the problem as the compressor. Initially, his system would not warranty the labor but after a call that was cleared up. The tech had the compressor on his truck and replaced it on the spot, he was only here for just over 2 hours. All I had to do was sign my name and gave him a good tip for lunch.

    The Best Home Warranty Companies

    I feel like I owe the OP a tip,. I'm on the phone with Sears Escalation My manual clearly states that a defective compressor will be repaired free of charge for 10 years. The word 'repaired' implies labor. I will post an update as soon as I have an update. The battle begins! The Sears Technician just left my home. It is indeed a bad compressor. He said it is a good thing I kept my Manual because without the Manual in hand, I would have paid a lot of labor. If everything goes smoothly I will not post an update.

    Good Luck to the rest of you! Same fridge, same problem. I purchased the fridge in I called customer service and was told that one of there service tech's would need to verify the problem before it could be fixed. I was then told they do not have any service tech's in my area. When I asked what my options were to get it repaired under the warranty I was not given an answer.

    I was told that they would call me back within 24 hours with a solution. I never received a call. I have called them back and even chatted on the web site and have not gotten anywhere. Getting pretty frustrated with Sears. Hey everybody, just another update. Do not buy another Kenmore or LG or even Samsung. Stick with a major brand name that has a good record. If they do eventually come, it has to be plugged in at least 4 hours prior to the technician's arrival or they will reschedule. I hope to get another 5 years out of my refrigerator with this replacement compressor. When it dies someday, that will be the last Kenmore appliance I ever buy.

    I looked in my manual and it says under page 55 Warranty section, "Linear Compressor - Ten 10 years from the date of original retail purchase - Part only Consumer will be charged for labor. I know some of the refrigerators mentioned above were purchased at Sears, but wasn't sure if anyone had any luck or suggestions on getting LG to cover the part AND labor to replace the compressor. The wait on the Sears Repair line was so long that I gave up and went to the chat online option. They just kept telling me it was not under warranty anymore. I insisted that the linear compressor had a 10 year warranty, and he told me that the labor was not included- which is what my manual says.

    How did you all get them to repair it without paying the labor cost? It was not the compressor, it was both coils leaking. Refrigerator and freezer. Decided to ditch that appliance.