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Previous Page. Next Page. You might also like Human Rights and Extraordinary Rendition. Human Rights and Powers of Stop and Search. Your Rights as a Prisoner or Detainee. My husband is in forest bank and I've been writing to him via email a prisoner. All of a sudden his name and number has been took off my account.

Can the prison do this and why. Linz - 6-Nov PM. My partner was in Hindly and was up on Friday for his poca so they shipped him to Walton he is left with nothing not even a telly and on all day bang up its are baby 1st birthday nxt week he going to miss it and just started taking his first steps.

At least they should take his mind of it by giving a telly can they leave you with nothing? Cathy - Sep PM. Does anyone know how long it takes for you to get credit to make phone calls home? Em - Aug AM.

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Hi there. My parter is in prison and has been fully commited for 5 months.

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Im new to all this. Iv tottaly relied on him for everything now hes in there im struggiling to send him in money and i feel terrible. Does anyone know if he gets any money of any sort for his canteen?. How can someone live on 3 meals a day with that tiny portion ive been told about? I feel so hopeless knowing i cant send him money in atm.

Carrie - Aug AM. My partner has been recalled to jail due to not being back on time for his hdc.. He was not in when they came so he handed himself I'm when he got home on the same day.. His probation officer didnt tell him as she said she has been off from work so not looked at her emails Kimj - 9-Aug AM.

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He is currently still in custody because his license was revoked due to this and he is currently on a standard recall he still has until April on his license will he stay in prison until ? Or what are the chances of parole board to order immediate release back on to license?

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Thanks Charzi - 4-Aug PM. At first they stopped him contacting me via letters so I wrote in with a complaint and he got all my letters I had sent him. It is wrong how they have stopped him from speaking to me on the phone there is no reason behind it. Many thanks Moo - Jul AM. Hi my partner got recalled on tuesday 9th july I hear from him on the emergancy pin when he got to the. Prison that night it is now a week later I have not heard a thing from him since. How long does it take for the contacts to go on. I'm a bit worried now. Jen - Jul AM. I'm abit worried my partner got 10 weeks for breach of probation he done 5 weeks was out this Tuesday and got recalled back to prison on the Wednesday at midnight no explanation nothing just recalled him back.

I removed from the home me and my partner love in because of a argument that was bad enough and I was arrested but no charges were brought agenst me and I still recalled to prison for a standard recall which I was told 28days but I had over 7weeks to do and I was not charge with anything do I have a case because my human rights where broken and I had enough of the prison service Andy - May PM. Hi my partner have just gone into prison he is on remand and awaiting trial I am currently in hospital pregnant with our first baby at 32 weeks my waters have broken and waiting on our little girl to show are face anyday she will be a little poorly dose anyone know if my partner will be allowed to come see her due to her being so small and unwell please!???

Lou - May AM. Hi my boyfriend who has a 5yr restraining order on him because of assaulting me has just got a 12mth sentence for the crime and this restraining order i have forgive him and i want to visit him in the Prison at Cardiff is this possible thanks for your time Maz - May AM. Reply from judge : something to do with a court in May. I said " i wasnt in court in may what are you talking about? Resaponse by judge :your unapologetici sentece you to 28 days in prison remove the prisoner..

Read here how David worked with Pact to maintain a positive relationship with his daughter during his time in prison. Our Annual General Meeting and Conference focused on women's experience of the criminal justice system. Keeping People Safe in Prison: new report reveals families need better ways to share concerns with prisons A new report published today has found that families are struggling to share urgent concerns about their loved ones in prison because Safer Custody departments are not answering their phones.

Pact launches Operation Christmas Elf Find out how you can bring a smile to a prisoner's child this Christmas by getting involved in Operation Elf. Watch Our New Film: Routes to Change Watch our film, featuring members of our superhero staff team, outlining Pact's vision for the next five years. Why volunteer for Pact? Who we are The Prison Advice and Care Trust Pact is a national charity that provides support to prisoners, people with convictions, and their families.

What we do: Build stronger families and safer communities. Reduce risk of harm to prisoners and their children. There is no formal complaints procedure for people visiting a prison. You may be able to get help with the costs of visiting someone in prison.

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If you are a close relative, partner or the only visitor and have a low income, you should contact the Assisted Prison Visits Unit to see if you qualify for help. Website by Baigent Digital. Frequently asked questions.