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There are also additional colleges and universities in every direction, close to Redlands.

In addition to education, Redlands has a vast amount of entertainment, including small businesses and individually owned shops, movie theatres, shopping plazas, bowling, roller skating, and much more. There are many public parks and events held including concerts and festivals. The town of Redlands is an amazing, safe, and diverse place for people and families of all ages!

Read Reviews. Plenty of outdoor options for entertainment, physical fitness, hiking, fishing, camping, snow sports, great weather..

We are a resort town. Snow Valley ski resort is 4 miles away. Read 8 Reviews. Grade 12, I like California simply because it is a land of making a dream come true. I'm 18 years old, and i need a favor of completing my studies since life here is survival for the fittest. I'm even seated at home now because i was home for school fees.

Read 6 Reviews. Kind people! I love the way the people respect the community and are able to contribute to it in any way they want to. It has modest roots as a town founded by missionaries and built by orchards and farming, so it's not surprising to see the city is still but a fledgling in regards to competitive jobs, attractiveness, and lacks much in the regards to diversity of people and businesses I mean, unless you just LOVE fastfood, carwashes, and trailer-ehem! I mean, mobile home parks. At the same time, the city boasts an excellent school system, mild tempered occupants-that's a score for an LA suburb!

It is small, it can be boring, it can be lonesome, it can be outdoorsy, it can be peaceful, it can be HOT, it can be arid, it's central to the beach and desert and beautiful mountains, and most of all with its escape from many dangers and much violence-as my parents had seen to before we moved-it can comfortably be a place to call home: and I think I can see that too.

My mothers family have been here since the late 40s and we've always liked that we are located 2 hours away from Vegas, the beach or LA. I am what you would call a desert rat! I grew up hiking and riding quads and dirt bikes way out behind the mountains. Having moved all over the country and somehow I always manage to come back to Barstow and now I'm raising my kids just outside of Barstow in Yermo but still come to Barstow everyday to go to school and shop. Read 55 Reviews.

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Also, the city prides itself in being a blue-zone, meaning it one of the only places where people live the longest and healthiest lives due to the SDA lifestyle of being vegetarian and active. What I would change about Loma Linda is that it plans for more entertainment because people often have to go to neighboring towns to do things for fun.

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Read 90 Reviews. It's more communal here, has a lot of art, beauty, and support within the small town. I would love less of the same chains, however and more variety on stores. Other than that it's been a beautiful experience for me here. Read 56 Reviews.

Property 11439: 20 acres in San Bernardino County, CA

Skip to Main Content Niche requires Javascript to work correctly. February 28, Newberry Cave Site. Newberry Springs. Old San Antonio Hospital. January 2, Arrow Hwy. September 25, Ontario State Bank Block.

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January 8, Pacific Electric Etiwanda Depot. March 21, Pioneer Deep Space Station. October 3, Fort Irwin. Piute Pass Archeological District. August 14, Providence Townsite. August 16, April 24, January 3, Citrus Ave.

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Redlands Santa Fe Depot District. Roughly bounded by Stuart Ave. Rodman Mountains Petroglyphs Archeological District. May 10, Russian Village District. December 28, Mills Ave. San Bernardino County Court House. January 12, Arrowhead Ave. Shady Point. October 5, Lake Arrowhead. Smiley Park Historic District.

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December 29, Roughly bounded by Brookside Ave. Squaw Spring Archeological District. July 28, Topock Maze Archeological Site. Upland Public Library. December 10, January 11, Vulcan Mine Historic District. July 15, November 12, Henry Washington Survey Marker. Big Bear City. Wigwam Village No. Yorba-Slaughter Adobe.

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